I Am Team GB

This year we’re so excited to be bringing back I Am Team GB with Toyota, to get as many people as possible active in their communities.

Inspired by the achievements of Team GB athletes and the amazing efforts of local community heroes, I Am Team GB have created the Nation’s Biggest Sports Day, taking place on Saturday 24 August 2019. There will be thousands of free and fun activities across the country, put on by amazing volunteers, known as I Am Team GB Games Makers.

The Games Makers were a vital part of the success of London 2012, providing a warm great British welcome and wonderful experience. We want our I Am Team GB Games Makers to be that same welcoming and inspiring champion, this time in their own communities, encouraging others to join Team GB and get active.

Join Team GB as an I Am Team GB Games Maker to put on a great activity.

To find out much more about what's involved, check out our FAQs below.  

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is I Am Team GB?
  • I Am Team GB is a national campaign which aims to harness the power of the Olympics to make Britain more active. We want people to be inspired by their sporting heroes, feel part of Team GB and then get out and take part in an activity themselves.
  • What is the Nation’s Biggest Sports Day?
  • The Nation’s Biggest Sports Day is an opportunity for Britain to get active on Saturday 24 August 2019, created by I Am Team GB and brought to life by Games Makers – community champions who will put on a fun activity in their local area to inspire people to get out and get active!
  • When is the Nation’s Biggest Sports Day?
  • It will take place on the August Bank Holiday weekend, on Saturday 24 August 2019.
  • What do I need to do?
  • We’d love you to sign up to be a Games Maker on the website, to create a game in your community which people can sign up to and come along on the Nation’s Biggest Sports Day. It’s totally free of charge, both for you and for those who come and take part, and can be any game you want, so long as it gets people active!
  • How do I register?
  • You can join Team GB as a Games Maker here! You just need to fill in your details and you’ll get the option to create your game now, if you know what you want to do, or later if you prefer.
  • What support will you give me as a Games Maker?
  • We will provide you with all the support you need along the way. Once you’ve signed up to be a Games Maker, we’ll send you an official I Am Team GB Games Maker t-shirt and a digital pack. This pack contains everything you need to set up your activity – from posters you can put up in your community to top tips for getting people inspired to join you. We’ll also send regular email updates to make sure you’re all ready for the Nation’s Biggest Sports Day!
  • What game can I put on?
  • You can put on any game you like, from a walk in the country with your friends to a rugby tournament at your local club to a sea kayaking session – if it gets you moving, it counts! We want as many different activities as possible on the Nation’s Biggest Sports Day, so that everyone in the community can get involved and be encouraged to live healthier lives. Click here for a whole host of ideas for games.
  • What does it cost?
  • Absolutely nothing! The activity provided by the Games Maker should bear no cost to them and should be free for everyone who comes along to take part. We want to ensure that the Nation’s Biggest Sports Day is for anyone and everyone.
  • What will I get for being a Games Maker?
  • As well as the immense pride you’ll get from being a champion in your community, once you sign up as a Games Maker, you’ll receive an exclusive I Am Team GB Games Maker t-shirt and digital pack to make your game go without a hitch. Plus, there’ll be a number of Team GB athletes who’ll be popping up at events all around the country, so you might get some gold-standard support!
  • How many people do I need to get?
  • The game you put on can be as big or as small as you’re comfortable hosting; it can be you and a couple of close friends going for a game of badminton or a ‘traditional’ school-style sports day at the local park for hundreds in your community!
  • How do I get people along to my game?
  • We will help you every step of the way, giving you lots of tips of how to reach out and inspire people to come along. Through I Am Team GB, we’re aiming to break down the barriers to people being active in their community so a fun and accessible activity will be ideal for people to join you!
  • Who are the games for?
  • When you create your game on our website, it will be visible for anyone to sign up to and come along. Alternatively, you can create a private game, which you can share with a group of friends or family, school community or workplace.
  • Will Team GB athletes be involved?
  • Yes! A whole host of Olympians will be appearing at events across the country to really make people feel part of Team GB on the Nation’s Biggest Sports Day. More details about who will be attending and at which game will be revealed in due course.

To find out more, contact us on info@iamteamgb.com.